Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm empty inside. There's no emotions left. No. There are. Of course there are. I'm lying to myself. I'm split in two. Part of me running away and the other half just standing there, waiting. Wondering if something will happen. Hoping something will happen. An act of courage and love. Something to prove I should stay. No. Here I go again. I shouldn't fool myself any longer. I should embrace the new and look ahead. I should plan my new flat and look for a second job. I should stop thinking about my hair. I should find a balance. I should start eating again. The only good part of this is I fit my tightest jeans now. But for what cost.. I look and feel like a zombie. At least I still have Buddy. See him here trying to cheer me up? He is an angel.

Take care everyone. I'll be taking a blogging break for a while and should be back sometime next week with news about the move and etc.

Till then.

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