Monday, February 1, 2010

Fridy night bliss

Considering it has been quite a while since I had been out and all, I was determined to have a jolly good time. Since the begining of winter though, it seems all I have been wearing has been jeans, jeans, jeans and despite the fact that I love my skinnies like any other gal, I felt it was time for a change. Decided to go for Zara fringed tee-shirt-dress, reminding me of that last bit of indian summer that have been missing for so long. Paired it up with a studded belt, two sweaters and jacket, legwarmers, black ugg boots and my favorite bag at the moment. The over-sized Zara milk-chocolate brown studded sweetie. Was also wearing my new favorite accessory, a chain headband I made out of an old necklace (too bad you can't really see it, s'the same color as my hair and I would have had to have taken a photo with my head tilting downwards and it just didn't occur to me there and then). Earrings are Topshop btw. Many thanks to Aja jaj for a perfect night;) Oh last photo is of Old Town square, how amazing does it look at nigth right? And actually how it's snowing in the picture it looks kinda cute and all but uggh, cannot wait for spring:D Have new sweet Zara collection wedges am DYING to take for a spin..

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