Friday, February 5, 2010

Upside down. Inside out.

Am in a turmoil of happenings. (Looking for a flat.) So many that I thought were cute were already taken when I called, some even during my looking at them (uggh!) and some were just plain hideous, scary and way way over-priced. But alas I have found one that I am in la la la with. (Called but Friday night, so will try again tomorrow or until the sky turns red.) I so hope the flat will be rented by moi. Like the only thought I have.. It is AMAZING. Really adorable and girly. I don't really wanna post any pictures until I know for a fact that it'll be mine but to get at least a general idea of it, here are two. It's got a darling little kitchen, a stove (yeay!), a nice bed (yeay!), a washing machine in the bathroom (huge yeay!) and so on. There's even this cute study corner by the window. Expect loads more pictures if I'm successful:)) WISH ME LUCK!!!

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Anonymous said...

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