Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaming of the summer sun..

That's right. Strips, gold buttons, high waisted tight jeans, open toes, wedges, ahoy sailor! And I cannot wait to get rid of that cast btw. I know I said I'd be gone for awhile but this outfit begged me to be posted. You know, in that way clothes talk to us.. Sadly I'll be wearing this today without those darling wedges since snow hell still strong out there and it's just not as cute with ugg boots is it? Tant pis. Till that summer sun shines on us**


Bored and Crafty said...

I love me a nautical outfit any season of the year! :) How tight are those jeans?

MsVeve said...

very very tight:))

Anonymous said...

omg best sailor outfit i've seen in ages! so chic and wearable :)
love it!!!

MsVeve said...

thank you sweetie!