Friday, February 12, 2010

Day time dreaming

As you may know, I'll be moving soon to my very own rented apartment (now that I'm done looking for the flat, I'm looking for a second job :D) and am super excited and anxious and la la la. In the mean time I'm making long lists of things I'll need to buy and wish lists of how to decorate my dreamy girly flat. ♥

There's so many choices and possibilities and I'm not even sure yet in what style I want to have the flat in. I just know I want it to be perfect. It's the first time I'll be living on my own and get to really actually decide everything for myself! Perfection. I've already bought something into the flat just two days ago (totally ridiculous but I bought too pairs of slippers, haha, one pair hot pink for myself and the other an intoxicating blue) and now I'm mentally selecting from all my belongings what I'll be taking with. All my clothes and shoes and handbags, jewelry, make-up of course but I mean from all the rest of my crap.

I'll definitely need to buy a closet and a desk since cannot move the ones I have (would just be too much work and my desk is in one piece so is really unmoveable and my closet is already falling apart so a new one is in order). I plan on taking these almost new totally sweet cabinets I've got and my laundry baskets, lamps etc:D. I'll be taking about a million books. I'll def. bring along my favorite paintings and photos (Don Quijote with a wind mill behind him, then one my Dad painted of Greak traffic, the simply framed photograph of 'The Cigarette Girl', my picaso photograph-framed print, though that might be a bit tricky to get off the wall, then most of the photos of my family, friends and loved ones I've got hanging all across my room..). Then all of the little tid bits that'll make my new flat feel like home:) The only down point is I cannot take Buddy with me but considering the flat will be ten minutes by tram away from my parent's house, I'll get to visit and hang out all the time so we're okay.

Now my wish list is a bit more complicated, since I don't want it to be total chaos, the flat is kinda tiny and I don't really have any money to spend. I wish I could get a rocking chair, all kinds of perfect stylish throw pillows, a huge retro clock, some sweet kitchen equipment, a good sound system (though this is pretty much utopia). While day dreaming and surfing the net I found these cute lamps and a rocking chair. How sweet right? Well stay tuned for the results (due in quite soon actually, hoping to be moving around the 25th). Wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

very cute! how exciting for you! congrats :D

Anonymous said...

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Bored and Crafty said...

How exciting! Post photos of your designing process please :)