Monday, March 7, 2011

Making the shoe challenge a bit harder..

As I may have mentioned I was going on a trip to London this weekend and before the trip was searching online thru a bunch of stores to see where to go and what, perhaps, to buy. So anyways, this weekend I went on my lusted after trip and bought - gasp - 14 pairs of shoes. Yes, 14 pairs. I know.. You'll be seeing my new luvvies soon (I hope) in the shoe challenge, but to get a sneak peek of a couple of shoes I did buy and some that I was just anxious to see...

 These babies are gorgeous, from River Island and were affordable but sadly I didn't see them in store..
These mini-wedged sandals are so cute but on my foot I felt like my toes were coming out of the shoe a bit too much for comfort so didn't buy them. Also from river island..
I think I recall seeing these in the River Island store on Oxford street but didn't try them on. Kinda felt they looked better on the picture than in real life..
Ohh these babies I tried on, totally LOVED and really wanted to buy but my boyfriend talked me out of them:/// They were for 65 pounds, also from River Island. I think I still love these shoes thou..
I don't recall where I found these online but I think they were from New Look. Didn't see them in store and ended up buying different sandals instead..
These simple but adorable flat sandals are from Topshop and are one of the pairs of sandals I ended up buying :))
Got these as well but in their silver version, also from Topshop.
The lovely Lady Dragon shoes from Viv Westwood. I still cannot believe I got them. They were rather epensive but I REALLY wanted them..
I pair I saw on the Topshop site but didn't see in store..
New Look demi wedged heels. Love them and cannot believe I found them in the sale section in my size:) What a steal at 12 pounds! Loves:)
Also from New Look, these were priced 25 and I got them in the light grey version.
The last shoes I'll be showing you today, or well, in this post anyway, Miss Selfridge leopard print, platformed, chunky heeled beauties. Love them, bought them, cannot wait to wear them.

Hope you enjoyed and had a fabulous weekend as well,

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