Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #30: Tunnel vision

What: Pull&Bear black leather studded trainers
Where: Tunnel by the train tracks (on the way to have lunch with the Boy's parents)
Wearing: new Zara skinny jeans, new (bought before Christmas but never worn) H&M leopard print petite coat, Bandolera bag
The tunnel near the train tracks is such a weird place, but have always been drawn to it, for at least a photo or two. But there never seems to be enough time (for we just barely make the train every time)..
These are my favorite pair of trainers/converse-esque shoes. They have (or well had) really pretty golden stud detailing but Mr. Piggy likes to chew on the studs and to take the studs off the shoes, grrr. Nearly half of them are gone already! So now these shoes are hidden from the pig in a higher shelf:)
How's ur weekend?

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WanderLust said...

Lusting these pics!! Great blog :)