Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #37: Robot girl

 What: Stradivarius grey leather + wooden wedges
Where: outside with Mr.Piggy and then work and school
Wearing: Zara Women jeans, H&M green t-shirt, Zara white vest, Topshop "robot-girl" necklace
 To be perfectly honest I think Mr.Piggy was caught during an act of nature in the first photo. Sorry Mr.Piggy, the photo was meant just to capture my shoes.. Anyways, these were the first wooden wedges I ever bought. Sadly they're a bit less comfy than I would have expected. This is because I could have used a half size bigger I guess. These are a size euro 39. I tried on the 40's but they kept falling off:/ Oh well, one must suffer for beauty sometimes I guess.. Speaking of beauty, how bloody gorgeous/awesome/divine is this necklace? I got it yesterday at Topshop and I completely fell in love with it right away.
Well, a busy busy day ahead. But at least it's Wednesday already and that means the weekend is close! xoxo

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