Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoe Challenge #28: Spring! Ha!

 What: SMH pirate flats
Where: Walking Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Zara sailor playsuit, H&M tights, Stradivarius oversized cardigan, H&M hat, Zara bag
 Mr. Piggy loves Spring. Because he finally gets to go out on longer walks and not half freeze to death. I opted for a pair of flats that I don't really like too much. The material is just too hard but they tend to hurt my heel after a while of walking in them. But today I said to myself, whatthehell and decided to take them for a trail walk. We weren't outside for too long (Mr. Piggy had a mood) but they surprised me by being rather comfy. Good for them.
They have this really cute skull pin on them which I fell in love with when I was originally ordering them. It's still the detail which I like the most of these flats. So cute!


Sara said...

These shoes are lovely - so spring-like! And your piggy is adorable! Do you really take him out for walks? Does he like it? I take my cat for walks (on a lead), and people tend to look at me strangely, but a pig is even more unusual! I once saw some people taking their pet pig to the beach, though :)

La Michelle said...

you look great:D
and OMG you have a pig!!!!!!!!!!
LUCKY, it's so cute<3