Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shoe Challenge #106: Metro gal

 What: STR pointy toe flats
Where: metro station Narodni Trida - on the way to the boy's parents' flat
Wearing: Zara little black dress, Zara sweater, Zara cropped leather jacket, Mango bag, Swatch watch
 Waiting for the weekend metro is similar to waiting for Goddot, thou perhpas a BIT more fun. Met about a million people who went to White Sensation and was so happy wasn't wearing anything white by mistake! I hate people who act like sheep. Also dress codes tend to rub me the wrong way! 
*These shoes I bought ages ago, I loved that they sorta look like creepers and I'm a big creeper fan.

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Brian Davis said...

Great pointy toed sneakers, I have a similar pair