Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #82: Chunky style.

 What: Stradivarius 'envelope' chunky heels
Where: drinks at Baretta
Wearing: Topshop jumpsuit I DIYed into playsuit, H&M trench coat, H&M scarf
 Last night me & the Boy decided to keep things simple and just go ou for drinks to our local bar. They do really good cocktails there and thou there are better bars in Prague, none of them are so close.. going to Baretta always means to me that I can get away with wearing crazy heels:) (Since it's literally a few blocks from the flat) These heels were a total lusting-after purchase with the best of luck given that I had been drooling over them for a while and then I go into the Stradivarius shop and there they are - in my size - on total sale! Anyways, I could have saved these heels for a further trip cause they really are quite comfy. The chunkiness of the heel helps! Now the question is where to wear my most crazy high-est unwearable heels - heels I love but can't really wear cause they are killer. Hmmm:)

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