Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoe Challenge #81: Piggy meets Leopard

What: Zara leather leopard print flats
Where: out with Mr. Piggy + shopping with a friend + dinner with the boy*
Wearing: Topshop dress, H&M tights, Zara sweater, Topshop head band, H&M scarf
It's unexpectedly sunny out and I'm beyooung surprised cause I thought it was gonna be cold when I was still indoors. Plus I'm sick with a cold and so I cannot wait to get out of the shoes and clothes and jump into bed. When you're sick all you wanna do is sleep basically so I'm glad I got the day off to do so. As for the shoes, these were bought right after Christmas on sale. They're real leather and really comfy and I love the "hairy" texture of the shoes:) Anyways, hope everyone is having a nice Friday!

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