Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoe Challenge #111: On a Mission From God

 What:Le idee satin tie summer cork wedges
Where: out to the shop and back
Wearing: Elwood bar tank top, H&M shorts, Swatch watch, Stradivarius bag
 As you could probbaly tell from my last post, I'm feeling a bit down from all my uni exams and the stress and the heat and a bunch of other things... So I'm in no mood to smile. Thou not all things have been bad today, I had a good breakfast.. and Mr.Piggy was super nice outside.. And it's nice and sunny outside.. etc etc. so anyways, I popped by the shop to get me some lunch and there's this really creepy guy who works there, aargh! But alas, got my shopping done and got home and relaxing with Mr. Piggy and thinking if I should go out andhave a peak in my fave store or stay at home and study. Hmm, tough one:)

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