Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #99: It all goes by so fast

 What: Asos canvas flats
Where: out to dinner with the Boy
Wearing: H&M jeans, Zara favorite tee, H&M sweater, Stradivarius cross-body bag, Swatch watch
 I absolutely love comfy summer shoes such as these. And you all know about my addiction to Asos.. That said, it was still a little bit cold for these shoes last night, on the way home I was completely freezing! But still worth it. The order came yesterday and my theory is that if you cannot wait to wear what ever it is that you bought, well then that's a keeper!
 The boy taking pictures of me. He is a sweetheart.

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Aline Chirinian said...

Such cute pics :)
Love your hair and those sandals!