Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #78: Topshop!

 What: Topshop Sakura sprakly heels
Where: just out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Stradivarius pants, Zara t-shirt, Reserved earrings, Swatch watch
 As beautiful as these heels ARE, they are a pain in the ass foot. I wore them on New Year's and had to take them off after like an hour or so. There was just no way I could dance and party in them, for fear of breaking an ankle or worse..:) But I love them nonetheless, I fell in love right at first sight when I spotted them at the Topshop store and I knew my heart was set on them, they were rather expensive (especially since you can't really get a lot of wear out of them) but still: when it's love, it's love.

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