Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shoe Challenge #115: I'm a Giver

 What: Asos canvas mini wedges (Hawaii)
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Promod dress, Zara bow belt, Promod headband, Camadeiu bow leather clutch bag, gifted watch
 I was cleaning up my closet a little bit and found this dress that I bought aaaages ago and like wore 2x? Max. Anyways, I think I'm gonna give it away to the local charity shop near the place I work. I'm not completely sure yet, but I really never wear it so why keep it locked up in my closet when someone might get a whole lot more wear out of it right? But then I remember how much I really really wanted the dress when I originally bought it and it cost me "quite a lot" back then. And I had to save up for it and all. So it has some memories.. I'm torn. I have given away clothes and stuff to that shop before and it makes me feel real good, helping by letting go of things you don't need. And I'm a giver;) So we'll see:)
 These shoes? (New via Asos.) I love love love! So comfy and so cute! Perfect for summer! (I only wish there was a winter shoe that would transend this style:))) I could wear them all the time (and am predicting they'll be getting a lot of wear this summer:)) 
An extra bow for perfection;)

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