Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #123: Shopaholic

 What: New Look two-toned flats
Where: out shopping + uni classes
Wearing: Topshop polka dotted dress, Topshop belt and Topshop headband, Dekadence Now earrings, gifted watch from my Mum (have had it for ages!), New Look tights (was also wearing a Tenezies jacket and a B&B bag - not photographed)
I love these flats. They were on sale for 10 pounds and are so cute. I was a little over matched today but wtf, why not?! So anyways, was on a super shopping spree and bought 3 dresses in the Mango sale. Also thrifted 3 dresses. And pictured below are a pair of shoes I bought my boy:)) <3

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