Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #127: Skulls and no storage space

 What: Bittersweet red open-toe skull detailed flats
Where: uni exam and shopping:)
Wearing: H&M casual jersey dress, H&M elbow patch sweater, new favorite pig-charm necklace, Decadence Now earrings, H&M tights, Mango bag
 This is me yesterday (couldn't blog the pictures yesterday, blogger was stuck -?!- and it was so annoying!) right after my uni exam (written, that's why I got away with a very casual/fun look), it felt good to go "as myself" and not have to dress-down my character. I hate that for oral exams you haved to look as neutral and ass-kissing as possible or otherwise the exameners will hate you and wanna fail you.
 These shoes are from the Uk and are a very fun brand called Bittersweet. To be honest my favorite thing about them is the box they came in (covered with the most cute pig print ever!:)).
 The skulls on the shoes are just perfect too!
As you could see from the first picture I'm having problems fitting all my dresses in my closet (my closet is just for dresses.. other items of clothing are elsewhere-cabinets etc.) and well my shoes are in an even worse situation! They have no room! Gasp! I so need another shoe storage closet... Srsly, what to do when you are a shoe-lover and have a tiny tiny flat???


Aline Chirinian said...

cute skull flats :)
I'm having horrible storage problems as well!! I want a HUGE walk in closet.. or a shrink ray.. either would work :)

MsVeve said...

or a bigger flat:))