Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shoe Challenge #114: Legend of the Headless Blogger

 What: VW for Melissa/Gate jelly flats
Where: uni exam! 
Wearing: Atmosphere skirt, H&M tee, Bershka polka dot sweater, Liquor Brand bag
 Taking photos of yourself is hard enough and if you want interesting background? Kinda tricky. Thus the legend of the headless blogger began. Yeah.
 Anyways, when I was getting dressed in the morning I really had no clue what to wear, I was heading to a uni exam so didn't have too much time to think my outfit thru and thru but I wanted to be comfy yet stylish at the same time. Insert jelly flats. Insert new skirt. Add a favorite and simple tee. Plus a suitable sweater for the coldish weather today. Shake well. Ta da!
The wind was blowing akwardly so the skirt looks way fuller than in reality. But at least you can see my head..

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