Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Piggy troubles

 Since Sunday my little piggy-o has been sick:/ It all started Sunday morning, Mr. Piggy was awfully quiet compared to his usual naughty self, when he's up early and trying to get our attention for either a rub or feeding, or both actually:) Anyways, he was REALLY SLEEPY. And though he ate breakfast he wasn't really into it. At about noon, when I was pettinghim I noticed that he felt unusually warm, so I took him temp. and he had a fever:/ (40,1!!! Their normal temp would be around 38-39) so we called our piggy friends Martina and she gave us some piggy vet's numbers, we called, then set up an appointment for later that day and went to the vet's. He got some antibiotics and then spent the rest of the day resting. He slept with us in the bed;) The next day he was still a bit tired but more like his old self again:) On Tuesday we went for a check-up and another (and the last) antibiotics shot. Dracul was good until on the way home, in the car, he got sick. (He got sick a lot. I was with him in the back. Poor little guy. So basically he threw up all over the backseat and all over me but he himself managed to stay cleean, typical piggy behaviour:)). Anyways, we took him home, called the vet, were told that it's ok, cleaned up everything and he still was sick at home for the rest of the night. It was awful. I slept with him on the couch to make sure he was ok, if anything woulf be off, I'd be right there...
Mr. Piggy is doing better today, no more sickness, still tired though and we've ehm he's been napping all day:) He had a light breakfast and ate and now a little snack and he's sleeping again. Anyways, just wanted to post an update..

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