Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #128: Thrifted or on sale:)

 What: Mango leather sandals
Where: to school and out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: thrifted tee, thrifted belt, ooold Zara jeans, thrifted bag, gifted watch from my Mum and the shoes were on sale in the big 50% off sale at Mango
 *this is where I keep the rest of the sshoes, just so you can get a picture of my lack of storage situation..
 View from and back (where you can see the bag, I didn't take it with me to walk the pig but had it when I went to uni) and close-up of shoes (with Mr. Piggy). I love that the tee has a heart shaped cut out. Details like these are so important!
I mentioned the Bittersweet shoe box in the last post and here it is... isn't it just divine??:)

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