Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Blog

Are you mad at me? I've been neglecting you so much. No pretty photos, no juicy posts. It's been too much complaining (about uni) and too much lazying around. You deserve better, you really do. And I'll give it to you. Or at least I'll try.
I'll tell you what I've been up to. The boy & I took a trip over Easter weekend and went to some little town near Ostrava/Havirov because a friend was celebrating his 30th bday. We went by train and the trip was pleasant enough. I got to read a couple of books, among which was "Silver Linings Playbook" by Matthew Quick. I quite enjoyed the book and now am ready to go see the film (I absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence)! Here's my review on the book.

I wore some cute outfits (which I forgot to photograph, of course) and then it snowed loads and we went by train back home. I read a couple more books but Silver Linings was the best. Oh, my Asos watch finally arrived (ordered it ages ago) and have been wearing it since. (This might be due to the fact that all my other watches have run out of batteries... or because I really like my new mustache watch.) I'm wearing it today, see. This is my arm, at work. The rest of me looked a bit too tired and wired for a featured picture. But I'll take some photos soon, I promise! What a bad blogger I've been!

Hope to see you soon,

Yours always,

Miss V

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