Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I've been trying to save money lately and so I haven't been buying anything, let alone shoes. But this past week I happened upon the following pairs for ridiculously low prices and being me, I couldn't resist.

These are a pair of peep toe heels with a darling bow on the front of the shoe. The brand is one I haven't heard of before, called "Baby Angel". The shoe has a really cute logo on the inside (not pictured, sorry) of a baby devil head in pink.

But really, they had me at the bow. On to the next pair: gorgeous strappy sandals by Gucci.They are very delicate and I wouldn't usually go for this type of shoe, but from the moment I put them on, there was no way I was not going to be taking them home. They feel like a "Cinderella" shoe.

Next is a "fun"pair (and actually the pair I bought first, sometime last week, while all the others were bought today). Again it's from a brand I didn't know, called "Roots". These shoes are the only ones that I bought that are not high heeled. They have a tiny tiny little heel, almost like a kitten heel but much smaller and more like a wedge. (I hate kitten heels btw.) I like the flower detail and the nice bright color.

Last is another pair of heeled sandals. These are Hugo Boss and are a beautiful baby pink color.They are quite high but still comfortable enough. However, what really captured me is the fastening of the ankle strap: I love that it goes twice around the ankle. All of the shoes except for the red pointed toe "flats" (with a heel that small, they are basically flats) cost 50 crowns each and the red flats cost 75 crowns. the Gucci and the Hugo Boss shoes are real leather whereas the two other pairs are not. I think all of these shoes will be nice additions to my shoe collection and I cannot wait to wear them (I'll be going to the pub tonight and have no clue which ones to choose!).

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