Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stolen From Myself

 If you don't already follow me on instagram, you are missing out. I regularly post photos there from my mundane life:) The picture above is from last Friday. I wore a Zara dress, Zara fake leather jacket, Stradivarius studded bag and Vagabond wedge shoes. Oh and an Asos studded headband. It's new and I really liked wearing it. The book I'm holding is "Nightmare" from Lars Kepler. I haven't had much time to read it but I'm already half-way through and am enjoying it.

I modeled at this year's Hell Party. That's a voodoo doll I'm holding btw.  And this is the only photo from this post that wasn't on my instagram. I had a different one there...

 The boy & I and some friends went to the botanic garden on Saturday. I has this whole "skull party"thing going on (Skull literally having a party t-shirt from Topshop, Skull pants from Iron Fist, limited edition cat ears headband Asos, Zara bag, River Island shoes, Asos tooth earrings.)

Sunday it got cold and I got to wear my fake fur half-poncho thing. I call it "the mushroom". (Sisley fake fur mushroom thing, Sisley sweater, Zara miniskirt, leopard print flats, Marc B for Topshop bag.) I posed on the way from the boy's parents place by the empty trains at the train station near our flat. I love trains.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm off to read that book! See you soon.

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