Friday, October 23, 2009


Today was..well interesting. Good, bad and also a bit strange. Had my hair done (good), kept on missing buses/trains etc. (bad), was at a photoshoot (strange*), got a lot of work done (good), too tired/lazy to go to gym (bad), almost ready to go home (good), instead of going out excited about staying in (strange)..

*So back to the photoshoot. First off I came late and I HATE coming late. But was a bit longer at the hairdresser's than I expected and then I missed the train. All in all the photoshoot was good but considering it was for an article about serious, hard-working tattooed chicks, I found it rather offensive that they had asked me to pose in my underwear. I mean, excuse me? I'm supposed to be the poster girl for ink as art/ not a scary hoe and how much credibility will I give off when I'm half naked? In the end I'm wearing a tanktop with a miniskirt and everyone's happy but like wth? Just cause I've got tatts doesn't mean I'm a free spirit, well, actually, I am a free spirit but what I'm saying is, I'm a clothes fanatic. Yeah, so I like to have a lot of them on.

Anyways, the photos turned out quite nice but since I don't have them, I decided to upload one from last week's photoshoot. This one is by Tomasz Slota, I asked for some photos from Tomasz, but he wasn't too happy about it since he didn't like the photos I was in.. I'm not a camera expert so I prolly can't tell the difference but I'm content with this photo non the less.

Happy weekend everyone!


argentinito said...

muy bueno!

Bored & Crafty said...

Yeah, what is it with people and tattoed girls with skimpy clothing? I cannot wait to see the final photos. :)

MsVeve said...

I knoow! Hope to have them before the issue comes out (sometime November/December)..