Thursday, October 1, 2009

Way back when.

There is a place she goes and it takes her away.
Those memories of whom she was back when.
It'll always be summer there, or late spring. And the sound of laughter glitters in the distance.
The city's lights are like little candles' dancing flames. And there's the excitement.
The wonderful, childhood joy of being out and about after dark on that playground behind the yard.
The one where all the kids go to. With that speacial swing. Where the only thoughts were of how to make that moment last forever. She'll keep on coming back. But it'll never be the same..

Wearing: Topshop belt, H&M tanktop/dress, H&M tights, H&M cardigan, Stradivarius earrings, Pull&Bear wooden heeled wedges

Huge thanks to Saneesh Sukumaran for the lovely photos:)

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Bored & Crafty said...

I love the portrait shot. Very classy.