Monday, October 5, 2009

Tessa's secret

She takes a trip every spring. It's kinda her thing, packs up her stuff and gives no notice and leaves her life behind for the weekend. And no one even knows where she goes. It's all rather poetic, or would be anyway, but this time was different. This time something happened. She met someone. And everything changed. 

Angela was really worried. She had been Tess's best friend for what felt like forever and she'd hate these trips Tess would anually go on. Her biggest dissapointed would always be that she was left behind. And always for a few days after Tess would return she'd be different. Although it would be hard to say how.

There'd be something in her manner, something very disturbing. As if she had been somewhere unimaginable. As if she had never wanted to return. So Angela would worry.. But this time, Tess came back colder, a shadow of whom she had been.

Angela was in a panic. What should she do, what should she do? She knew she couldn't ask but how she had wanted to! All her thoughts were of one mind and place. What had happned? And why was this time so different?

She played around with the idea to follow Tess but kept putting it off since no time whatsoever seemed right. Then about two weeks after the dreaded trip Angela decided it was now or never. She tip-toed to Tess closed office door and slowly opened it an inch or so. She went it and opened the desk drawer and there it stood..

As her eyes adjusted to the small letters on the card adressed to Tessa, she looked on in shock. Opening the envelope with shaking hands she read the letter. And in that moment the office door flew open..

photos by Ben Hodson


K8 said...

Love the pix!

MsVeve said...

Thanks, has fast become one of my fave dresses. and typically, got it on total discount..;)