Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh no.. it's winter again!

Photos by Midzu Gombitova

It's that horrible time of year again, when the wonderful indian summer and warm autumn days are forever (or feels like anyways) replaced by rain, hail and snow. When there's nothing left but to bundle up, put a bloody hat on or die. Now this time around, I'm ready. Really, I am! I've already bought three hats, a winter coat, 2 pairs of ugg boats (I know, how sad, but it gets SO cold here there's really no choice!), warm black leather winter boots, a number of huge shawls and today - finally - a pair of long leather gloves. They could totally be longer but oh well.. I've also dugged out this incredible real fur black vintage coat from our basement. Now that should totally keep me warm.. But still, when I think that all over the world some happy girls are wearing little cute dresses right this minute sans the winter coat, it's like uggh, fucking Prague with your crap weather. Like no wonder I don't have a tan..

Photos are from a photoshoot that took place about three weeks ago. Wearing wonderfully short Topshop dress, Topshop belt and Topshop earrings. Stradivarius vest, H&M skirt, Mango lace undertop, Zara heels, Topshop bracelet and H&M fakefur collar.

Plus what I nowadays have to wear to work: Bershka WINTER coat, Zara huuuuuge winter shawl and winter hat, am so not looking forward to the (even!)colder days that are ahead.. and now it says in the news that the horrid colder weather ("December-like") is to come super early on. Oh noooo!


Dylana said...

Love your dress!
Beautiful colors!

MsVeve said...

Aww thank you, yeah, Topshop, never a dissapointment:D

Anonymous said...

did you dye/cut your hair? it looks so amazing lately! i love it ^.^

MsVeve said...

Thanks! Nono,not for a while, had it colored before I went on my holiday way back in mid August and then during the holidays it changed colors on me due to the sea and the sun:D But will be getting it colored next Friday (cannot waaaaiiit!)