Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Things to be thankful for on a rainy cold Tuesday: new boots (yeay!), finally being home and taking off my wet ugg boots. Who knew they weren't water proof?* Chips, I know I shouldn't, but hell, watching a movie and junk food is a tradition. Surviving the first two days of the week (and passing my first chemistry test, yeay!).

Anyways, gotta run and plan what I'll wear tomorrow (since so cannot depend on my morning jugdement). (See, here's proof, pic #2 - from this morning - I put them clothes on a neat little pile and then they wait for me, ready for the next day to come..)

Again, new boots! Totally love them. Over the knee! Suede! Wedged! Woo-hoo! Wasn't too sure while I was in the store but then I was wearing skinny jeans and am thinking these are more mini skirt friendly. So now I cannot wait to take them for a spin (prolly tomorrow already, hate waiting.. hope it doesn't rain!**)

*Like of course, right, but who know it would rain?!
**Oh riiight, there's that thing called the weather forecast. Huh. And obviously, spossed to rain like forever..


Dylana said...

Love the stripes!


Charles said...

those boots are too cute! it may have rained there but it's snowing here! ugh =(

MsVeve said...

We caught up to you over here as well, s'been snowing in the mornings (and at the mountains) these past two days. Hope that'll mean an early spring:D