Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A shopping date..

Shopping tips:
1) always have fun (the most important rule of all!)
2) make a plan of what you want to buy, what stores you want to visit..
3) try on everything.. you never know. (see picture above;)
4) shop with a friend because a) 's waaay more fun b) they may find smth you might have missed c) and a second opinion may be needed.. d) this is major for #5 as well:
5) sushi dinner (Heaven on Earth..)

As you can see I had a fabulous shopping date today. Me & V skipped a boring old class and decided to head off to Arkady Pankrac and besides some perfect shopping, discussed all aspects of our everyday life. Bought a hat in H&M and a simple tee in Stradivarius and a leopard print dress/tee (which I totally cannot wait to wear;). Then we went to Palladium to Topshop but sadly there was nothing really too tempting so called it a day after that. My favorite part was the sushi dinner (yummy. Have totally become like addicted.) or when we were trying on these hilarious furry ear muffs in Zara. I used to wear these way back when (in like third grade was it?) so I'm actually really thinking of getting them, for their nostalgic meaning.. Now the question is.. in white or black? Hot pink anyone?;)


TheShoeGirl said...

I love me some earmuffs!

MsVeve said...

:)) aww thanks for stopping by!