Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's always a price to pay..

Had a lovely party night yesterday and so today I'm barely surviving. Basically the only activity I'm capable of all day is sleeping and hanging out with my bestfriend. (Cause that always helps a hangover..). And gossip..:D Anyways, last night was the perfect party night. Saw my dear H&M friends, went to 4 clubs and partied the night away. The only down point was A) my leopard print petite-coat was no way near warm enough for this fucking winter-esque weather, total pain in the ass. B) no hot guys. Srsly, they don't exist in Prague. Cause these clubs were full of guys.. just not the right ones. (There's no shortage of annoying bastards, nope. Really.) Uggh. So it was a purely girls-night-out but those tend to be just as fun.. :D

Pictures (from top to bottom): At Nebe, contemplating going elsewhere, still at Nebe but on the way out, at Limonadovy Joe - karaoke night, taxi from Harley's to U Buldoka, at home, what I wore:

leopard petite-coat, Stradivarius sweater (was my sister's but I confiscated it), Benetton shawl, Zara LBD, Zara studded belt, Pull&Bear purse, Zara boots, Topshop earrings, Next leather gloves. 

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