Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shoe Challenge #16: schoolgirl from the 60's?

What: Zara brown leather lace-up brouges
Where: dinner and a movie
Wearing: Camaieu red coat, Topshop earmuffs, H&M red mini-skirt, Zara black long-sleeved tee
 Dinner/movie night is always a good time and I was especially excited about wearing my new Zara flats (was a bit too cold for them though - even with 2 pairs of tights my legs and feet were freezing!). We went to see a Czech film called "Pouta" and well, it was ok and all but the film was a tad long and there were many parts they could have left out to make the flow better (140 mins. can get on your nerves..). When we got home I tried on the boyfriend's shirt and I am so lusting for a shirt like this, I of course would wear it as a dress:) and before the dinner/movie I stopped by my favorite store and bought these beauties! Cannot wait for spring..

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