Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #20: Deja-vu

What: Zara TRF flat ankle boots
Where: dinner with the Boy and his family
Wearing: H&M skirt, H&M turtle neck, Zara tights

You may be thinking that these are exactly the same slouchy black flat ankle boots I always wear but aha! they're not! These slouchy black ankle boots have a silver detail ankle bracelet thingy and are also brand new.. As the shoe challenge continues I am so getting sick of boots though and am longing for heels and balerina flats and summer happiness and all that. Also I need to stop by the shoe repair place cause have 4 pairs of boots/ankle boots that need repairing..
Happy weekend everyone:)


Alien said...

I'm so sick of wearing boots as well! I wish the weather would alternate according to what shoes I feel like wearing!

The shoes look so comfy :)

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit, I especially love the skirt! And your pet pig is so adorable!! I'm also hoping the winter ends soon...