Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shoe Challenge #19: remember me?

 What: Zara 'replacement' boots
Where: shopping
Wearing: sweater H&M, jeans Zara, headband Topshop
These boots were bought when I noticed that my favorite slouchy flat ankle boots had a huge crack in them and I needed something to take the pain away.. They were a TINY bit uncomfortable the first time I wore them, at the heel part of the shoe. But now they are just fine (huge relief since I was really scared they'd stay hurting me). I love that they're a perfect shade of brown and the gold stud detailing. A simple boot but still interesting with the slouchiness and all..

Going to sleep now, tiiiiiiiiired!

1 comment:

Tali said...

Wow you go fast with this challenge!! I only did one!)))

Thanks for you comment too! The pumps are indeed Zara, but they're the khaki ones.

I like your style very much, you're so cool, really)