Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #21: Anniversary

Last night the boy and I had our half year anniversary and we went out to celebrate. We went to the Brazil. Ambiente at Slovansky dum and ate loooads. I bought this sweater dress for the event (since it's gotten uber cold again I couldn't wear anything made out of lighter material). I also went with one of my favorite ankle boots, Bata over-the-knee boots I DIYed into ankle boots. 
horrible close up of the boots..
anyways, can't seem to upload my blog to my face book page anymore, what's up with that?? It keeps telling me that the url address is non-existant, but wtf? any ideas??


Anonymous said...

I like your boots! How do you DIY them? I'm always afraid to make a horrible mess of it, so I haven't tried doing anything big to any of my shoes except repairing them.

MsVeve said...

Well they were over the knee boots and I basically just cute the entire top part off and sued up the part around the ankle..

I'm usually way more into altering shoes than getting myself to go get them repaired, I have 5 pairs waiting for new heel atachments and just cant get myself to go :)