Friday, July 1, 2011

Shoe Challenge #131: DIY - my favorite passtime

 What: Atmosphere DIYed gladiator sandals
Where: uni, shopping (which, given the buckles, was not a good idea..), out with Mr. Pig
Wearing: Bershka skirt and belt, H&M tee, H&M leggings, Pull&Bear piggy charm necklace, Ray Ban seeing-eye glasses
 First I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear leggings or not, but it's been quite chilly lately so I was quite glad that I did decided to put them on.
 This skirt? a definite favorite of this summer's sale purchase. I was eyeing way back in April was it?, anyways, but I thought I wouldn't get enough wear out of it to justify the price, which albeit wasn't that much , but still. Anyways, being nearly half off convinced me:)
As far as hair goes, I'm still not decided on what to do. I'm kinda bored with the colour to be honest, but then I'm not. So I'm just letting things be. Otherwise, Mr. Piggy is back to his naughty self again, to our relief and happiness:) The wheather is shit but alas that's the beauty of going on vacation, it HAS TO BE nicer in Paris, it just has to.. Anyways, my last exam was yesterday so I'm stress free (well, still have two exams in September..). My poetry writing course is over. My birthday is lurking behind the corner. It's all good.

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