Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shiny and oh so right!

photos by Ben Hodson and Saneesh Sukumaran.

So there's more than one way to wear a dress with a belt right? And that's where lies the fun! As you can see above, I wore my favorite Topshop belt for thsi w/e's photoshoot. I loooove that belt.. anyways, I first had it firmly placed on my ribs (picture #5) and althou I usually like this look, somehow I felt that this wasn't working so I opted for a more daring and fun style. Hiking the hem up of my shiny new dress and creating a loose frame for my top half. I felt way more relaxed and pleased with this look.

Dress H&M, blazer Topshop, belt Topshop, tights H&M, earrings Stradivarius, falts Primark


Dylana said...

Cute dress!

MsVeve said...

Thanks hun, it's become one of my fave dresses and not only that, but was super cheap on sale:)

Bored & Crafty said...

That is a pretty dress. Love the color, too!