Thursday, July 2, 2009

Becasue there's certain things I just don't do.

Karaoke - fun only in theory.
Falling in love - ditto.
Wearing mid calve length skirts - I'm a mid-thigh kinda girl.
Going camping - I don't need to elaborate on this, do I?
Continue friendships that aren't worth it - life is too short.
Keep writing people that do not reply my emails - srsly, if you don't, why should I? (Althou my parents are exceptions - they always reply me ages later, but still, love 'em.)
Instant Messages - especially with people who write me complete bs and waste my time. Get a life will you.
Say hi to people I don't like - I just pretend I don't see them. Lame, I know, but still.
Strip in public - not since my wild teenage years.
Wear clutch bags - I'm actually wearing a clutch bag today (me&my best friend are having a clutch party..) but it is soo pointless, srsly, I love carrying loads of crap with me and clutch bags are thus ridiculous.
Dye my own hair - I've tried a couple of times, but that's what hairdressers are for..
Turn off my phone at night - almost always forget. But have been getting better that this recently.
Wake up early in the mornings -I am most definitely a night person.

And what do I do do? Write lists, well, obviously.

Anne Taintor I love not camping Mini Notes - rather perfect for me, no?

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