Monday, July 20, 2009

Fall a coming.

It's the end of July.. It's the end of July for goodness sakes! I haven't even been on my vacation yet but here I am, fed up with this summer and already thinking of the perfect fall look. I hardly got to wear all those new sandals or summery mini-dresses (most were lucky if they had been worn once) and I know, I KNOW, there's still some summer left, but I feel I must face the inevitable, fall's a coming.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still daydreaming of sunshine friendly wedges and how I'll wear that Zara maxi dress come the right moment. Oh and musn't forget the straw tote bag and the huuuge sun hat.. Last but not least my new bikini! (Which I'll prolly only wear during my holiday, since sadly, no beaches in Prague as of yet.)

But just like every other year as August waits right behind the corner and I'm another year older, I start thinking about autumn. I have so many ideas for this upcoming fall.. mostly staying near and dear to a sort of bohemian/ geek meets rock chick style. I've already bought the most adorable sweater poncho with a little knitted rose at the collar. Now I just need the perfect LONG leather gloves (length wise reaching my elbows) and traditionally, boots. Every damned year I look for that one pair to put the others to shame.

Givenchy. These would be perfect. Bloody perfect. (If, of course, they weren't open toe.. or so bloody expensive.)

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