Friday, July 10, 2009

It's my birthday!!!

Best things about it being my birthday:
  • It's on a Friday this year.. yessss!
  • Can be all crazy today and just explain by "Hey, it's my birthday!"
  • Can be all annoying today, har har.
  • Spending the day with family and friends!
  • GIFTS!
  • Being a year older and wiser for sure.
  • Going shopping!
  • Birthday cake!!
  • Champagne!
  • Did I mention gifts? ;)

Okay, here's my guide to perfect b-day gifts:

  1. almost anything when it's from the heart. But shopping with the person helps;)
  2. amongst my fave b-day gifts belong: BOOKS (nothing beats a good book), parfume (okay, parfume actually does beat a good book - if I can pick it myself that is), jewelry (who doesn't like getting jewelry?), make-up (I love new make-up, I can't help it), movies, clothes, etc.
  3. adding a nice card does wonders
  4. ohh and alcohol's is the best "don't know what else" gift.
  5. a b-day cake shaped like a gift. RAD.


MsVeve said...

oh and originality is a good way to go. A dear dear friend of mine got me a remote control for men. Tres fun! Still havent tried it out (cause the package is just too cute to open, srsly.) but will do, soon. promise.;)

Everyone loves fashion said...

Happy Bday girl :)