Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week summary #2

Trying out a new hair-style (perfect for summer btw).

Breaking up in my Topshop "boyfriend shirt".

New Bershka platformed strappy sandals.

Wearing the Drop Dead Wedges.

Dance therapy at the boat party. Wearing nautical H&M mini-dress, Vero Moda tote bag.

A better picture of the dress.

In all honesty, my week was a tad hellish or at the very least it was very much on the up and down. The ups consisting of trying new hair-style (e.g. 1st pic, the french braid), getting hair dyed, some shopping and the boat party, ehm, will get to that part later. The down however were a bit worse. Breaking things off with Angel, going on the worst date in history (so so bad, so SO bad), thus getting completely drunk afterwards with a friend, being oh so hungover and at a loss of interest for almost everything and now thinking about all of it and wondering what will come next, huh. Anyways, back to the boat party. Red bull vodkas and 80's/90's czech music. Which was all actually better than I expected. Then at about 2 a.m. decided to drop by Harley's and ran into Angel, akward, akward encounter. Danced all night with his sleazy friend and then sodded off home. Finished watching season 5 of Grey's Anatomy (pissed about the way it ended actually. Hate hate hate when seasons end in uncertainty. Will it be Izzy or George?!), took part in a family lunch and turned off my phone and finally had a relaxing night at home or a change...

So that was me, how bout yourselves?


MsVeve said...

then the rest of Sunday was spent reading Elle and shopping (2 new pairs of shoes:))))

Merily said...

those wedges are too awesome!

MsVeve said...

you should see the ones I just bought (will post a pic of them soon..). wooden heel, platformed, studded, leather.. sound good?:)