Thursday, July 23, 2009


Everyone has a favorite brand, right? Mine change as I go along.. a while ago it was Zara, then Stradivarius, was flirting with Bershka for some time but all in all it's Topshop. It's always been Topshop. I LOVE Topshop. (There's sadly only one in Prague and I live there.) I cannot get enough of Topshop. There's pieces of course that I just shake my (still very) blonde head at and take no further notice but on most days, I am enchanted. I am in La La Land. And I soo cannot wait for their fall collection to be out and about!

Just click on the images to enlarge them.

I would style the pieces a bit differently but I love each and every one. The Trench! Fab! That damned mini, bliss! Love love love the leopard details (but would get rid of that ridiculous high pony tail). That scarf, the coat and the lace-ups! Pretty pretty!

So, what's your favorite brand?