Monday, July 6, 2009

Passing judgement..

Yesterday while at the pub discussion drew to fashion and people's take of it. I, taking the side of fashion being a window of sort to one's actual personality, firmly believe what one puts on is an expression of who that person is. The other party was not so sure. As the argument (not that is was one or anything) turned to fashion crimes, no-no's, faux pas, I was saying that merely by the mistakes people make, you can kinda tell if you're compatible with this person or not.

To be honest, the prime question at hand was white boots. (Which, as you probably quessed, I am against. Mainly because most look incredibly cheap and I've yet to see a pair that I'd like and thus in my opinion white boots are the epitomy of bad taste.)

Anyways, here is my top ten list of the worst of the worst:

1. visible ass-clevage (what no one is meant to see) or other bulging body parts.
2. white boots
3. carrot pants/ crepe trousers (droopy hips are the horror of the 90's. And just add a high waist to make it even more obscene.)
4. non-respected age limits (you can only be so old to wear certain items, then you should just move on)
5. ugly prom dresses (you wouldn't belive..)
6. nasty prints (if the print is bad, so's the rest of the outfit.)
7. ugly, ugly shoes (because why? WHY? Like "crocs", unless you're wearing them in the garden, why would anyone wear crocs??? Are these people blind?)
8. if it's just about the brand-name (like Louis Vuitton bags or those horrible Guess t-shirts)
9. when everyone looks the same (last week I was at a club where every guy was wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt. Pathetic.)
10. visible underwear (this one kinda varies depending WHAT underwear and HOW it is visible. For example bra straps are sometimes difficult or while wearing semi-sheer materials. It can be tough but sometimes visible negligee can be rather a turn on. But most times it just is wrong.)

* If you enjoyed this post on fashion crimes I highly recommend one of my favorite blogs The Fashion Police:
What's on your top ten?

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MsVeve said...

Oh btw the picture is of the 1961painting by Bridget Riley called Kiss. Just to add something pretty before all those horrors..