Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer lovin'

My favorite scent for the summer.

A light, refreshing scent, unisex, a natural clean fragrance that manages to keep up with the trends yet still remain a classic. A zest professing personality but at the same time identifying an unique group of people, e.g. "We are one". (This campaign actually becoming a bit hit.) The aroma is a mix of musk and fruit, the bottle of the perfume is apparently supposed to resemble the flask of a Jamaican rum. Now that's as sweet as it gets;)


MsVeve said...

Oh btw why I'm writing about CK One? Well, a) it's my fave summer perfume, duh. b) thik it has kinda gotten forgotten. I mean, it came out so long ago (1994) and there hasn't been much of a come-back campaign or anything. c) two reasons are so enough;)

kirstyb said...

Love CK xoxox

Isa said...

hm, I love ck.

good luck with your change of haircolour! a natural, darker blonde is actually the hardest hair colour to achieve chemically!
I went through this after a stylist left me with far too many highlights so I know that even if it´s hard it can be done!