Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picture Perfect.

Isn't it amusing how in the films, in the TV shows it's always so complicated yet always so simple at the same time. Girl meets boy, falls in love, then there's the problem, facing the troubles and yet all the time it is so damn obvious what should happen, how it should all resolve to the happily ever after. And everyone's so perfect. Prefectly dressed, great make-up (even during the crying scenes), amazing hair.

But sadly real life is a bit different. The scenerios aren't so black and white, the perfect guy is not always there or behind the corner and unexpected things do happen. And thus being perfectly dressed, having great make-up and amazing hair can be quite the challange if not impossible completely. Take today, for example, was at a club - very very hot inside, thus my MM curls got a bit tired, my make-up a bit gone and my clothes a bit wet, ugh. Then I go out and it's lightly raining so my curls got even more abuse and my jean jacket, 50;s cropped pants and ballerina flats were sooo not enough for the night chill. What's a girl to do?

Take it like a man.. ?

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MsVeve said...

btw this is also the reason why I tend to lug around a huuuuge toote bag all the time cause I (if wearing heels) usually have extra shoes with me - e.g.ballerina flats - and then make-up, parfume, umbrella, sun-glasses, maybe a sweater or jacket or smth if it gets chilly out.. crazy, I knoow.