Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to work them trends

I went shopping today and was looking for something in mint (because everyone's into mint this season - I love how Gaga perdicted it in her clip) and looked in all the usually places (Zara, Pull&Bear, H&M, ...) but to be honest I wasn't really taken with anything. Luckily I decided to stop by the H&M kids' section and looky what I found! Mint polkadot hair bows! Pink ginham hair bows! Pink and tan leather hair bows! Yup, that's me working them new trends (albeit ginham is not a new trend but whatever, let's not dwell).
I wore my "happy" H&M lace-up flats and a thrifted H&M polka-dot dress, F&F tghts and two sweaters (not shown). I know I said I'd try to take better photos but my camera didn't fit in my bag and my hands were all shaky. So instead I just snapped the shoes in the flat. Maybe tomorrow will bring some better pictures, maybe not. But you know it's from the heart. Xox, Miss V

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