Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prim and proper

Have you noticed? I cleaned up my flat! Yup, the whole 9 yards - meaning vacuuming, scrubbing all surfaces, changing bed covers, etc etc. I feel good. I feel all prim and proper. Speaking of which, let's talk clothes. That sweater is the same one I wore in the post below with my punky pants & boots. Amazing how much different it looks here right?

wearing: Camadeau red coat, H&M knit sweater, Stradivarius long sleeved tee, H&M tights, Pull&Bear mini skirt, Zara brogues (these are one of my favorite pairs of flat shoes, I bought them about a year and a half ago on mega sale at Zara. I remember I was out shopping with the boy & he kept bitching about shopping too long - as if! - and we ran into a friend of mine and I showed her these shoes and she stopped dead in her tracks and went to go find herself a pair as well :)

Dnešní outift: po úspěšném úklidu bytečku jsem se cítila mnohem lépe a tak jakože vše do sebe zapadá. Tudíž i můj dnešní look byl velmi uhlazený. Dokonce jsem si chtěla vzít tweedové sáčko ale nakonec jsem raději zvolila teplejší variantu = červený kabátek.

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