Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoe Challenge #135: Paris casual 2

What: H&M casual lace-up flats in light yellow
Where: Paris :)
Wearing: Stradivarius trousers, vintage belt, Stradivarius bag, Zara tee, Topshop earrings
I had so so so much fun on my recent holiday it was just unbelievable. The places to see, the food to see, the shoes to buy PERFECTION! These shoes were bought in Paris as well (I ended up with 10 new pairs of shoes, yeay, major thanks to the Boy for getting me 9 out of the 10 pairs, one of which are a very special pair of Chloe flats:))

 Yellow | Everybody, Everywear


Pink Sun Drops said...

What a fantastic bridge! Do you know the meaning behind all the padlocks? Adorable shoes by the way - lucky you making out with 10 pairs!

MsVeve said...

The locks are written over with messages and they are locked to the bridge to stay there forever, a really cute idea:))

VanityofVanities said...

Love that yellow shoes, though the shoes will be more detailed if you have a close up photo of it, eh.

Thanks for sharing,
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