Friday, July 1, 2011

Shoe Challenge #132: Huh

What: Bershka mid-high court heels in a midnight blue shade
Where: out & about
Wearing: Stradivarius cropped trousers, Bershka tee, Bershka cardigan, Zara scarf, plus also a new leather + studded cross body bag via Zara that I never seem to be able to get on any picture, drrrr
 I swear, these shoes look better in real life thanthey came out in these pictures. They're comfy and cute. And blue, which is a color I come to love every summer, God knows why.. Just to explain smth from the prior post: the DIY-ness of the last pair of shoes: well they were annoyingly too big and so I like almost never wore them and thus I decided to chop off a bit and ta da! Wearble. (Or at least more so than before..)
I know it's summer but it's been quite cold around here. Ugggh.


Aline Chirinian said...

Everytime I check your blog and I see what number shoe challenge post your own I feel so bad. You're in the 100+ and I'm still on 9! Although, yes you do have wayyyy more shoes than me and kinda less time to save them, but still :P

These are such cute blue shoes!
Your polka dot top is adorable as well :)

MsVeve said...

I reckon that it all depends on out of how many. How many do you have to go? anyways, 9 is a good number, especially if you put more care into your challenges, I just slack them off a bit to get thru the challenge./ Guilty:D