Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #145: Simple & Fun.

 What: Bershka wedges
Where: dinner with the boy & his parents
Wearing: Mango dress, Bershka sweater, Stradivarius bag, Topshop box
As most fashion-forward gals, I love me some strips and bows (and polka dot print, but that's a whole nother isssue..) and so this past Friday while having dinner wit the boy and his mum and dad, I sported this little jersey dress via Mango, the summer sale did me good, that's for sure. I wanted to have a simple outfit so I match the dress to a nifty little tote bag which has this wonderful design on it: it's like a letter from a girl to her mum saying she's having a lovely holiday but is her mum could send her some money. Yeah, this bag spoke to me alright!:) The rest was a piece of cake: sweater to go with bag, bow (which I got recently at the Topshop sale) that goes with bag and sweater, shoes that go with bag and dress. Simple & Fun.

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